Ball Hit - In Infield

When the ball is hit in fair territory, there are two possible outcomes - a ball that stays in the infield, or a ball that goes to the outfield. When the ball is hit and stays in the infield, the player should run a hard 90-foot sprint to and through the bag. After hitting the bag, the player should break down as quickly as possible (hopefully within three steps) to stop momentum and immediately turn his head to the right to check for an overthrow. If an overthrow has occured, the player should execute an inside turn off of the left foot for two reasons. The first reason for the inside turn is to maintain eye contact with the play with the purposes of reading the players chasing the ball - the first baseman, the second baseman, or the catcher. This eye contact allows the player to make a secondary read on the players after reading the primary read of the overthrow. Second, operating under the logic that the “shortest distance between two points is a straight line,” the inside turn allows the player to draw an immediate line between himself and second base.