Practicing Base Running

There are a number of excellent ways to practice these elements. Making sure that there is a base running element to every practice is critical. If you emphasize it through dedicated practice, your team will be good at it. One way to work leads and breaks from each base using four lines. Take the existing base and line up three throw-down bases right behind the existing base. The drill can be run from any base and the pitchers should work in the following pattern:
-    All pitches to the plate (no picks, runner warm-up)
-    All high leg kick, runners get good jumps
-    Pitches and Picks
-    Pitches with Slide Steps
-    Pitches, Picks, and Slide Steps
-    Pitchers should be 1.3-1.4 to home plate

In addition, coaches should include practice on running to each base so that different situations becomes second nature for the players. A cycle such as the one listed below is an excellent example of base running as conditioning while still getting in excellent practice:
-    Infield single
-    Outfield single
-    1st to 3rd
-    Sac Fly
-    Double
-    Score from 2nd
-    Triple
-    Squeeze
-    Home run (jog)

Another cycle to practice base running from first base is (repeating each 3-5 times each):
-    Lead, Hold, Extend, Sprint back
-    Lead, Hold, Extend, Ground ball break
-    Lead, Hold, Extend, Line Drive Read - break or back
-    Lead, Hold, Extend, Fly Ball Read - Tag, find ball, break or hold
-    Lead, Hold, Dive back into bag at 1B
-    Lead, Hold, Break, Straight steal

A final cycle to practice base running:
-    Home to First, ball in infield
-    Straight Steal to 2B
-    Rolling Ball to 3B
-    Ground ball with infield back to Home
-    Home to First, ball to outfield
-    Catcher’s Knees to 2B
-    Ground ball behind to 3B
-    Tag on Fly ball to OF to Home
-    Home to First, ball to outfield
-    Early Steal to 2B
-    Pitch in dirt, Knees and a Kick to 3B
-    Contact play past P to Home
-    Home to First, ball to outfield, stretch to 2B
-    Tag on Fly ball to RF to 3B
-    Squeeze to Home