Fielding Bunts

The catcher must always be prepared to get out of the chute quickly on balls hit near the plate whether the ball has been bunted or has been hit with a full swing. The fielding technique depends on which of three zones (1st base side, middle, 3rd base side) the ball is hit.

1st Base Side: Line up feet to target, field with both hands, step back with right foot to create a throwing lane.

Middle of Field. Similar to balls on the first base side except our route is banana to the ball and we don’t need to create a throwing lane.

3rd Base Side: Run straight to ball and field it with your butt facing 1st base. Pivot on your right foot to line up your feet and shoulders to the target. Note that in all three cases we do not stand straight up after fielding the ball. We get into a low athletic throwing position.

Blocked 3rd Strikes. If a blocked 3rd strike ends up in fair territory it is played identically as a bunt. It the ball ends up in foul territory up the first base line the throw may need to be made outside the baseline in foul territory. See the movie in this folder for this teaching.

Tip: If the ball is foul but still near the line, move to the fair side of the line. The runner’s lane is in foul territory and it is easier to avoid the runner if the throw says inside even if it is on the line or slightly foul.