Essentials - Range

First, an infielder must exhibit good range on the field. The ability to move laterally and linearly are vital. An infielder’s speed testing in the Pro Agility Shuttle as well as in the 40 and 60-yard dash will be vital measurements in displaying lateral and linear speed. Not only must a player have the physical ability to move in that fashion, he must show the desire to not let anything get by him or drop in front of him. He must be willing to dive and get dirty - there should be no white pants in the infield because the players should be willing to get dirty. To illustrate this point, watch the young kids in the movie “Infielders - Range and Desire.”

While showing good range, infielders must also exhibit a good understanding of angles. These angles apply when moving in every direction - back and towards the outfield as well as charging in on a high chop or slow roller.

Coaches can drill infielders on range by creating angle drills for infielders to work side to side as well as in. Any groundball work where the players have to move will help players gain the necessary range.