Throwing Progression and Arm Expectations

Infield Throwing Progression

Before addressing the components of infield play, one of the best things coaches can do for developing infielders is to create position-specific work during the warm-up period. This first video outlines a throwing progression for infielders to build in some infield-specific movements during the warm-up period.

Arm Expectations

An essential attribute for an infielder is arm expectations. Arm strength and accuracy is essential for an infielder. Both should come from a sound, fundamental arm action while also knowing how to throw from different arm slots and speeds for different situations.

Arm strength for an infielder is addressed from the beginning of the chapter with the Infield Throwing Progression. Incorporating a proper long toss program for all players is also vital. In addition, infielders should use the pregame infield/outfield time as a high intensity time to let the ball fly. An infielder should take pride in and care of his arm as much as any other position. This is another area where the player’s measureables, both in actual and potential velocity, will come into play in determining playing time.