Arm Strength and Accuracy

Excellent throwing ability is a cornerstone for most outfielders. We will target good athletes and players with good arms to develop outfield skills. An outfielder must exhibit arm strength and accuracy to be effective. To be strong and accurate, a player must have good arm action from a sound arm slot while also being able to run his hips through the throw to create forward momentum. Most importantly, an outfielder will learn how to throw the ball hard through his cutoff men, never sailing the ball to the target. Long Toss is an incredibly important element of any outfielder’s game and development. Outfielders should play long toss of 100-120 feet every day to keep their arms stretched. The 100’ Drills in the next movie highlight the different game-condition throws outfielders can make every day so they can use their feet, body and hands all in rhythm. This movie, as well as the movie from Louisville, highlights a set of drills done at 100 feet and in that can, even should, be done on a daily basis upon getting to 100 feet during warming up the arm. The drills work the players through very simple footwork elements that will allow the outfielder to gain comfort in executing the proper movements consistently.

When throwing the baseball, an outfielder should have a four-seam grip every time he throws the ball. This grip makes the ball have more carry to the target and will be a straight throw. The arm angle should be at ¾ to over the head. The outfielder’s feet and your lower half should take pressure off of the arm when using proper mechanics. Proper extension and release will ensure that the last thing to touch the seams of the baseball upon releasing the baseball should be your fingertips.