Pregame Warm Ups, Recovery, and More

With some of you starting your season this weekend we've put together a warm up, pre-throwing routine, and recovery program that you can use with your team if you wish.

As you all know, the baseball season can be a grind and take a toll on player's bodies, a proper warm-up and recovery is crucial to preventing injuries and keeping players performing at their peak. I have attached the program at the bottom and we are posting videos on the Bardo's Baseball University website. All but the two without an asterisk next to them can be done without equipment at whatever field your at.

The two with asterisks, Rocket Wrap and the Oates Throwing Sock, are incredible tools that I would highly recommend every team purchase if not every player. I am sure most of you have seen us use the throwing sock with players at practice. It allows players to throw or do their drills literally about anywhere and it puts 1/3 of the amount of stress on their arm. It also provides instant feedback on if a player is getting to late launch as well as creates healthy deceleration patterns. The Rocket Wrap is my new go to for all of my pitchers after they throw. We now know that ice bad for players after they throw as it slows the blood flow which in turn slows their healing process. Rocket Wrap is a compression wrap which allows new blood to rush in and flush out all of the damage and repair the impaired muscles and tissue.

Both the Throwing Sock and Rocket Wrap are both extremely inexpensive, $30 for the sock and $13 for the wrap, and are two of the best tools I have found on the market. I have included the link to our Healthy Heat page below that has a link for the Throwing Sock and you can also find the Rocket Wrap on the same site as well.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

HH Warm-Up.jpg