Being Choosable


Every kid who plays baseball as the dream of playing in a game, getting the walk-off hit, being mobbed by his teammates, and then having a college or professional scout come up to him offering a scholarship or professional contract. The fact of the matter is that most kids are greeted by their family, friends, and teammates after a game and never even meet a college coach or professional scout unless they are a family friend. Why is this the case? They’re just not choosable.

Most parents think that being choosable is about their son’s game stats. I’ve heard parents rattle of their son’s batting average, OPS, ERA, and like as if it’s their favorite lyric to their favorite song. Unfortunately, their son’s game statistics have nothing to do with being choosable. I’ve sat with multiple parents over the past month who knew the game stats, but when they were asked about their son’s Throwing Velocity, Ball Exit Velocity, or 60-Yard Dash time, they don’t know the answer.

Those three numbers are the most important numbers you can possibly know and develop in the game of baseball. Throwing Velocity, Ball Exit Speed, and your 60-Yard Dash time make you choosable. Focus your time, resources, and training on these three elements. Train them. Know them. Improve them. Bardo’s is here to help in the advancement and training of these measurements for your son. Play less, train more.

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We believe that more baseball players in the region can become choosable by choosing the right training opportunities, and we desire to be a part of your son’s baseball training. Let’s work together to make your son one who is chosen to advance is baseball career from youth to high school, from high school to college, and even from high school or college to the professional ranks!